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time for a new garage door?

Whether you’re ready for a change, need an updated garage door, or have a damaged door, we can help you out. We’re ready to walk you through this process.


get a free estimate

The first step in getting a new door installed is to get a free estimate so that we can see what is currently in your space, get measurements, and know what installation would involve.

Estimates can be done in person or via video chat.


discuss details with a technician

While the technician is at your home or on a video call with you, you will be able to discuss the specifics of the door you'd like and answer questions about the color and style, window inserts, and insulation.


pay a 50% deposit and we'll order your door

Once the technician has the information he needs, we will send you an estimate. When you accept the estimate, you'll pay a 50% deposit and we'll order your door.

Some common doors can be installed same day or next day, while other more special-order doors may take up to 3-4 weeks.


we'll call to schedule your install

When we know how long it will take for your door to be ready for install, we'll give you a call to get you on our schedule. Your garage will need to have plenty of space, and will take several hours to install your new door.


enjoy your new garage door!

All new garage doors installed by WeFixIt Garage Doors have a 5 Year Warranty on parts and labor, so you will be able to rest easy and enjoy your beautiful new garage door for years to come!

brands we offer


doors we've installed

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