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Elevate Your Home's Efficiency

Preventative Maintenance and Discounts with Our Garage Door Care Plan

Picture this: it's a chilly, rainy evening, and you need to dash out for groceries for tomorrow's school lunches. But just as you're about to head out, your garage door decides to throw a wrench in your plans by jamming. Enter the WeFixIt Garage Door Maintenance Plan, your ticket to keeping your door in the best condition possible, all while saving you money and headaches down the road.

For $10 a month (with a sweet deal of $9 for each additional door), you've essentially got your own garage door hero on standby, ready to swoop in and save the day whenever you need us.

How it works

Typically, you'd give us a call when your garage door is acting up. While we're there fixing things up, we'll offer you our maintenance plan right on the spot. And if you sign up then and there, you'll snag an instant 10% discount on the current service we're providing. Likewise, if you just bought a home and want to be proactive about the health of your home or are aware that your opener and door need some love and attention, call today to sign up and schedule your first tune up!

Once you're a member, you'll receive an email outlining all the details of your plan. So, whenever a garage-related issue crops up – whether you've accidentally bumped into it (hey, it happens!) or the spring breaks – just give us a ring. As a member, you'll enjoy priority scheduling, meaning we'll hustle to get to you, often on the same day. And if it's after-hours and you're in a pinch, not to worry: you'll score a 25% discount on the regular $150 emergency service fee, plus an extra 10% off the service itself.

Somewhere between nine and twelve months from signing up, we'll touch base to schedule your next annual inspection. Think of it as a free tune-up and preventative maintenance session for your garage door – because we all know just how crucial this hefty piece of your home is, especially when it's in motion multiple times a day.

Real Savings
  • An annual tune-up to keep your garage door humming along smoothly, sparing you from those dreaded breakdowns on the worst days.

  • A nifty 10% discount when you sign up, as well as on all future garage door jobs (excluding new doors and panels).

  • A solid 5% off on fresh door installations if you're eyeing an upgrade.

  • Priority scheduling for lightning-fast service, so you're not left twiddling your thumbs.

  • A handy $50 discount on emergency services, because life's curveballs don't wait for a convenient time.

Peace of Mind

Regular check-ups mean your door is always in tip-top shape, slashing the odds of it letting you down at a critical moment.

Investment Protection

Consistent maintenance helps preserve your garage door's prime condition, safeguarding your home's accessibility and security.

Annual Preventative Maintenance Details

During your yearly inspection and tune up, here's what we'll zero in on:

  • Operator settings to ensure your door shuts safely and securely.

  • Chain or belt tension to ward off any potential mishaps.

  • Functionality of remotes, keypads, and other entry devices for seamless access.

  • Spring, roller, and track condition to keep everything gliding smoothly.

  • Safety features to keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way.

This check-up is all about nipping any issues in the bud, safeguarding your garage door and associated equipment.

Our WeFixIt Garage Door Maintenance Plan is straightforward—no fluff, just the essential service and benefits to keep your day running smoothly. With practical discounts, priority service, and a comprehensive yearly check-up, we focus on what matters: keeping your garage door dependable, so you can have one less thing to worry about. Sign up today, and let us handle the heavy lifting for you.


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