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A Powerful Submission Story

Commercial insurance is more nuanced than personal policies, allowing agents to significantly influence your rates and coverage based on how well they present your business’s risk management strategies to underwriters. A key element is the “submission story,” a narrative that emphasizes your company’s commitment to safety and maintenance, showcasing how you proactively minimize risks.

A well-crafted submission story not only highlights your business's strengths but also plays a crucial role in securing competitive insurance rates and comprehensive coverage, demonstrating the value of a strategic approach and the expertise of a dedicated commercial insurance agent.

Importance of In-Place Maintenance and Safety Plans

In-place maintenance and safety plans are crucial components of a robust risk management strategy. Insurance agents scrutinize these plans to assess how well a business prevents incidents and reduces potential claims. Well-documented and rigorously implemented plans not only minimize the likelihood of accidents and decrease downtime but also signal to underwriters that a business is a lower risk, which can lead to more favorable insurance terms and discounts.

Crafting Your Submission Story

A compelling submission story goes beyond just presenting facts. It involves a narrative that showcases your business’s proactive stance on maintenance and safety, demonstrating a clear understanding of potential risks and how they are managed. This narrative should articulate:

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programs: Detailing regular checks and upkeep, especially critical in industries reliant on physical infrastructure, like adding Jiffy Lube for vehicle fleet maintenance or WeFixIt Garage Doors for your overhead door preventative maintenance

  • Effective Safety Plans: Highlighting training, emergency preparedness, and safety protocols in place.

  • Past Incident Management: Discussing how past incidents were handled can also strengthen your case by showing practical application of your plans.

What else can influence your Submission Story?

  • Safety plans

  • MOD score

  • Employee background checks

  • Supplemental Insurance Coverage like Aflac

  • Participation in ongoing training and certification in your trade and for safety

  • Adhering to OSHA standards and best practices

Leveraging Commercial Insurance Agents

Commercial insurance agents play a pivotal role in shaping your submission story. They offer:

  • Expert Guidance: Agents can identify coverage gaps and advise on the necessary adjustments to policies, ensuring that your business is not just competitively priced but also comprehensively covered.

  • Personalized Service: Every client receiving a designated agent ensures personalized attention and tailored insurance solutions, accommodating the unique needs of any business, in any state.

  • Technological Advantages: Access to a web portal facilitates easy management of your insurance portfolio, submission of claims, and tracking of your insurance status, which adds to the efficiency and responsiveness of your risk management strategy.

In the intricate landscape of commercial insurance, crafting an effective submission story is not just about securing insurance; it’s about obtaining it on terms that reflect the true risk profile of your business. By focusing on in-place maintenance, detailed safety plans, and leveraging the expertise and services of dedicated insurance agents, businesses can achieve not only competitive rates but also a level of coverage that genuinely meets their needs. Remember, in the world of commercial insurance, a well-told submission story can be as valuable as the coverage it secures.

We trust Luke Russ at OVD Insurance (Cell phone - 704-438-2296 Email - to handle our business policy and highly recommend him to you. 

Meanwhile, we can provide you with a Commercial Maintenance Plan to care for your overhead doors.This plan is used by apartment complexes, fire stations, auto repair shops, warehouses, storage units, car dealerships, and distribution centers.


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