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Introducing WeFixIt's Commercial Preventive Maintenance Plan

Imagine it's the peak of your business hours, and suddenly, your overhead door decides it’s taking a break. Not ideal, right? No worries, because with WeFixIt's Preventative Maintenance Plan, you’re equipped to turn any potential operation halters into minor, swiftly resolved issues. This plan isn’t just about fixing things; it’s about empowering your business to run more smoothly.

Our straightforward plan gets you an annual inspection and tune up of your overhead door, on the spot and future discounts, priority service and scheduling and access to discounts in our network. You can send the comprehensive annual inspection report to your insurance provider to let them know you are committed to safety and sound operations. Learn more about how having this maintenance plan might save you money with your commercial insurance plan. Need us ASAP? We’re on it, with same-day 24/7 service that knows your time is money.

This plan is used by apartment complexes, fire stations, auto repair shops, warehouses, storage units, car dealerships, and distribution centers.

Member Benefits

  • Exclusive Customer Discounts:

  • An annual inspection and tune-up to support the safe operation and functionality of your garage door.

  • A 5% discount at the time of sign-up and on all future overhead door work (up to $250 and excluding new doors and panels).

  • A $150 discount on full door replacements.

  • Priority service and scheduling.

  • A $50 discount on service fees for emergency jobs, providing peace of mind when unexpected issues arise. (usually $150)

  • Safety: With our annual service checks your garage door will receive the necessary adjustments, lubrication, and testing that is crucial for the safe operation of your overhead door. This includes an inspection report that you can support to your insurance agency.

  • Decreased downtime and increased productivity: safeguard your overhead doors and your bottom line.

  • Investment Protection: Take a proactive approach to maintaining your overhead door. By keeping your door in top condition, you protect your investment in this essential business equipment.

  • Improved Culture and Reputation: Demonstrate to your employees, customers, and business insurance agent your unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest standards of care for your business.

  • Partner Discounts: As a maintenance plan member you will receive access to discounts with the partner businesses in our network; commercial insurance agents, roofers, contractors, lawyers, etc. Call for referrals. 

Annual Inspection Details

Each year, our technician will conducts a thorough inspection and testing of your door system’s key components:

  • Limits and force settings of the operator for precise, safe closures.

  • Evaluation of the operator's condition and lifespan.

  • Chain or belt tension and condition checks to prevent slips or breaks.

  • Remote, keypad, wall button, and sensor functionality 

  • Spring tension and fit verification to ensure balanced movements.

  • Inspection of rollers, tracks, bearings, and shaft.

  • Hinge and cable condition.

  • Examination of trim, bottom rubber, safety edge, or retainer for complete protection.

  • Panel integrity checks to maintain door aesthetics and functionality.

This detailed inspection ensures your overhead door system operates at peak efficiency, drastically reducing the likelihood of downtime and enhancing your overall productivity.

Why WeFixit?

Our esteemed clientele, including notable businesses whose trust we've earned as their preferred vendor, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to our clients.

With WeFixIt Garage Door & Gate, you're not just choosing a service provider; you're aligning with a partner dedicated to ensuring your commercial property's optimal performance. Join the ranks of satisfied businesses that have made us their preferred vendor, and let us take the weight off your shoulders. From safety enhancements to exclusive discounts and minimized downtime, we’re here to support the growth and success of your business.

Reach out to our team today to learn more or sign up. 984-289-0959.

Learn how you can impact your commercial insurance costs with preventative maintenance plans like this.


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