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Let us make your garage (and home) a little smarter.

We carry Chamberlain products and are able to upgrade your compatible openers or install new ones to provides these smart features.

"Chamberlain Group’s myQ line of smart products include garage-door openers, lights and security cameras. All of these devices are connected via the myQ app, which also integrates with Apple HomeKit, Xfinity Home and Google Assistant. In addition to being able to say, “OK, Google, close the garage door,” these integrations give homeowners the ability to manage all their smart devices in one place.

Along with integrating into existing smart home systems, Chamberlain Group has partnered with Amazon Key, which gives homeowners the ability to have packages delivered to their garages, and STEER Tech, a startup that builds aftermarket autonomous parking technology. The partnership connects a homeowner’s smart garage door opener with their newly intelligent cars. That communication is designed to ensure autonomous cars don’t drive into closed garage doors or start themselves before the garage door has been opened."



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