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Spring repair for Wayne Dalton garage door torque master springs

When it comes to springs in your garage door, there are several basic types your garage will have. (To read more about Garage Door Springs 101, click here)

Wayne Dalton Torque Master springs are one of these types of springs.

The Torque Master is the spring system developed by the garage door company Wayne Dalton Garage Doors. It consists of a hollow oval tube with internal springs and gears at each end of the tube attached to the door cables. This spring system is only used on Wayne Dalton Doors.

These springs differ from normal torsion springs by housing the springs inside of the tube above your garage door, rather than coiling around it. Torsion springs have a thicker tube with much bigger external springs, and they are the most common type of garage door spring system.

If you have a Wayne Dalton system of Torque Master springs and iDrive openers (one that spins the bar above the garage door to open it), you might run into trouble when your spring breaks. Because these springs are inside the bar above your garage door, you won’t be able to just look and see if it is broken. Your garage door opener will likely be struggling to open your garage door and it will be too heavy to lift up – but until you get a professional out to your home, you won’t know for certain that your spring is broken.

Another potential problem with the torque master spring system is that Wayne Dalton no longer makes their iDrive opener system; they were bought by Genie Operators. This means that if your system breaks, the parts or replacement you need won’t be available.

When this happens to you, you could replace the entire spring and opener setup with torsion springs and a different brand of opener OR get another Torque Master tube with the old iDrive until it completely breaks, buying you time to deal with it later.

If you choose to keep your Torque Master setup, you will need to call Wayne Dalton directly. They are the only company to continue installing their specific springs.

What WeFixIt Garage Doors can help you with is replacing your Torque Master springs with much more common and higher quality torsion springs. A torsion spring system will be easier to repair and replace, will last longer, and is higher quality. (This video gives you an idea of what that process looks like!)

Most likely, it will be most cost effective in the long run to go ahead and swap out your entire Wayne Dalton system for a torsion spring system, rather than dealing with repairs as they come up over time.

Give us a call at (984) 289-0959 for a free estimate! We’d love to send a technician your way to discuss your options with a Wayne Dalton spring system!


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